Live at the Duck Creek Log Jam

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Duck Creek Camping and Outdoor Events Area, 28508 Murphy Rd, Logan

Music & Camping in the Hocking Hills! June 15th & 16th Get all the info at

The Duck Creek Log Jam is part amazing music festival and part classic camping trip set in the Midwest's most scenic region, Ohio's Hocking Hills! Get ready for the most genuine, family-owned, small-by-design, off-the-beaten-path music festival experience known to mankind.

NOTICE: We like to party, but we also expect the best from all of our guests. If you don’t know how to let loose while still treating others with respect, please DO NOT ATTEND THIS EVENT. Furthermore, if you need a nitrous tank or the sketchy guy with the backpack to have a good time, this event is NOT for you.

Feel Free to Dance! Do you love that old twangy bluegrass music that your grandpa used to listen to? We do, too, but that's not quite what you will find at Duck Creek. Our bands tend to be more of a modern take on the classic bluegrass, folk, roots rock and americana genres. Oh, and we always throw in a wild card or two just to keep you on your toes.

This is a rain or shine event. Artists and schedule are subject to change. All ticket sales, including sales tax & service charges, are final. NO REFUNDS.